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Steve Shapiro and his team at Resolution Matters are committed to resolving your dispute in the least costly, comprehensive, and transformative way. Our goal is that you leave this challenging and difficult episode of your life feeling whole and complete, ready for a bright next chapter.

We serve clients facing critical life decisions including those considering divorce, elder care and family business disputes. Our clients are from all walks of life, the military, government, business owners, employees, LGBT, retirees and anyone who is seeking an arbitrator for help in facing this type of difficult life situation…Read More

Who Are Our Clients?

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Our clients are individuals who are facing an intractable situation with another family member. They are individuals who care about the interests of the other but are nervous about their own financial and personal security, along with their children/ parents’ safety and development. Our clients may need representation because a spouse has been abusive – or there is a power imbalance in the relationship. In this situation we prepare for court and obtain the best outcomes for our clients.

Our clients are disputing siblings who are at odds over the care and/or finances concerning a parent; or could be in dispute about a parent’s capacity to make critical life decisions, a will contest that is worth mediating versus tearing a family apart at the seams through a litigated process. And our clients are families disputing over business matters including succession planning, distributions, ownership and decision making.

Our clients are diverse in that we have worked extensively with military personnel, LGBT, religious concerns, federal government, business owners, family foundations, and people like you.

Client Testimonials

Resolution Matters – Flexible Approaches. Dynamic Solutions. Supportive Legal Representation.

Our goal at Resolution Matters—no matter which family law matter you’re facing—is to leave your family in a better state than it was in before you engaged our services, even if that means dividing it into two new units that can function in a better, healthier way than the original. The only way we can accomplish that goal is through taking a collaborative, dynamic approach that offers flexible solution ns and better alternatives to the traditional battle in a court room that leaves both parties feeling helpless and deflated.

Divorce Mediation, Litigation, and Collaborative Law

The decision to divorce can be devastating, freeing, or any number of emotions depending on your particular situation. An experienced divorce lawyer will identify your needs and goals to help you understand the legal options available to you and the potential ramifications of your decisions so that you can move forward with confidence.

At Resolution Matters, we are advocates of mediation and the collaborative process, two options that are more dynamic, supportive, and flexible than litigation. We believe that when the respective attorneys work together to help the separating parties design an agreement to meet their unique needs, the whole family benefits.

Mediation provides an excellent opportunity to dispute matters in a practical, dignified, and thoughtful way, a way aimed at maintaining and restoring relationships within a family unit. Mediation has the added benefit of being less costly than litigation. Using a team approach, we can work together to develop creative solutions through mediation that would never arise from litigation. Similarly, the collaborative process is an out-of-court conflict resolution legal service that focuses the couple’s efforts on reaching a mutually acceptable resolution in their divorce.

When litigation is necessary, Mr. Shapiro and our legal team at Resolution Matters can represent parties with proven tactics and strategies.

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There’s a Better Way Than The Traditional Adversarial Approach To Family Law

Attorney Steve Shapiro and our team at Resolution Matters provide mediation, arbitration, and litigation services to clients in and around Rockville, Maryland. We strive to bring a newer, more energetic approach to the tired way of settling legal matters between disputing families. We’ve seen firsthand that even the most complex of family law cases only need structured conflict resolution to reach an agreement that benefits all involved parties.

Once we meet with you to learn about you, your situation, and your goals, we will immediately get to work on strategies to resolve the issue. Throughout your case, we prioritize open and honest communication, which means keeping you constantly up to date on your case.

Having the ability to resolve family law matters in a way that brings more thoughtful conversations, mindfulness, and understanding to the humans involved is something we consider a privilege. Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce, facing the loss of a loved one, or worried about your interest in a family business, we would consider it an honor to represent you.

It’s time to start anew. It’s time for a fresher approach. With a collaborative spirit, you can resolve your conflicts in a way that provides you support, healing, and peace. Schedule your initial consultation today.

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