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Client Testimonials

“Very good decision. The best, helpful, honest, and very professional person”

– Madhu S.

“Treated me like family. Very respectful and caring. Excellent. No complaints. If you ever have any legal issues, especially with family he is the right person to speak with and come up with a solution. He listens to your concerns and treats you like a close friend. Thank you Mr. Shapiro”

– Carmen C.

“Steve Shapiro was wonderful he was referred to us and I felt comfortable with my decision with hiring him and he was very respectful of the situation. I had a great experience with Steve Shapiro and will refer friends or family when asked.”

– Carie W.

“I just wanted to send you a note to profoundly thank you for holding our hands through this most difficult process and guiding us to the other side- a process and side no one aspires to reach- but sometimes ends up as the only solution. Your humanity, patience, skill and ability to maintain neutrality was truly outstanding. We would have never gotten here without you.

I hope we achieve healing and can rediscover love and appreciation in a rebirth of a new relationship. I trust that this is a possibility if we practice the compassion you always reminded us of.

Warmest regards in this difficult time,”– Diane

“After more than 25 years of working together, my brother and I, (2nd generation) had reached an impasse. He wished to retire while I wanted to retain the family business.

My Father, the founder of the business, was at this time partially involved. My goal was to equitably buy out my brother while maintaining a reasonable level of financial stability for the business.

With Steve Shapiro’s help, we were able to come to an acceptable agreement that we were unable to reach on our own, or with several other 3rd party attempts.

This allowed my Father to have the peace of mind knowing that the legacy that he had created was able to thrive, and that the family remained intact.

We are now in the tenth year of having the 3rd generation involved in the business, (my son and daughter), with a very bright future for the family and the business.

Thank you, Steve!”– K. Klotzman

“Steve Shapiro blends the roles of attorney and humanist–words not often placed together–in a manner unique in his profession. In other words, his legal talents are inextricably connected to his deep compassion and empathy for others.That combination of legal knowledge and interpersonal sensitivity helped me through two complex legal challenges in my life: an international divorce and, later, a pre-nuptial agreement. Friends of mine often ask me how it is that I remained so close to my ex-husband after our divorce; I give Steve the lion’s share of the credit for that. He listened carefully to both sides and gently moved the dialogue to compromise, carefully balancing the needs and interests of husband, wife, and two young children.That experience lay the groundwork for a warm and trusting family dynamic moving forward–what some might call “a great divorce.”In another phase of life, Steve used this same combination of legal expertise and humanistic understanding to generate a pre-nuptial agreement that helped blend two very different families.I am thankful to have walked these tumultuous legal grounds with Steve as my guide.”– N. Schnog

“I benefited from the services of Steve Shapiro in the mediation of the transfer of assets and ownership for my business when one partner elected to leave the partnership. Steve was broad-minded and nimble in constructing approaches by which we could develop strategies for the transfer. He employed different techniques as appropriate from the several common types of mediation, and was a tireless advocate for a process which would leave each partner in the best position possible. Steve has my wholehearted and strongest recommendation!”– A. Gardner