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Divorce Litigation & Collaborative Law

Mr. Shapiro and his team at Resolution Matters provides legal services as part of the Collaborative Process. This is an out-of-court conflict resolution process in which the participants focus their efforts on reaching a mutually acceptable resolution. It is a team-based approach, that significantly changes the dynamic between clients and engages them outside of the courtroom in an open, supportive, lower-conflict process to find shared solutions. Central tenets of the Collaborative Process include:

  • A promise to reach a resolution without court intervention or the threat of court intervention.
  • A pledge that if either party seeks court intervention both attorneys must withdraw from representation.
  • A promise by all participants to negotiate in good faith by remaining open and flexible, disclosing all pertinent information and using constructive and respectful communication methods.
  • An agreement that all communications that occur during, as well as all documents prepared in connection with, the Collaborative Process are inadmissible in any future court proceedings.

Divorce Litigation

In addition to the Collaborative Law model, Mr. Shapiro represents parties in litigation providing clients a roadmap of the tactics and strategies needed to succeed. Steve will focus on an efficient discovery plan including document requests, interrogatories, and depositions. In most cases we will reach settlement outside of court but on occasion we will litigate when necessary.

Whether in litigation or collaborative law situations, Steve will help:

  • Identify your needs, interests, goals, and the issues to be resolved.
  • Helps you understand the legal options and ramifications of decisions.
  • Help you develop options that are creative.
  • Refrains from using adversarial techniques, unless needed defensively.
  • Work with the other attorney and the other team members to help the parties design an agreement that meets the unique needs of the family.
  • Prepare all the documents that need to be filed with the Court once the parties have reached their agreement.
Steve Shapiro, Esq.

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