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Divorce Mediation

Mediation offers family members in dispute a practical and proven way to resolve conflict in a sensible, thoughtful and meaningful way. Mediation is a process that values maintaining and restoring relationships in the family system. Mediation is significantly less costly then litigation, economically and emotionally. Mediation is dignified not derogatory. Mediation provides honor to the participants not shame. And mediation offers the opportunity for smart solutions that a court of law cannot come to in a litigated situation.

Our Mediation – based model developed out of a desire to support persons in conflict to work through their conflict together. Many forms of conflict resolution place the responsibility and authority for resolving the conflict in the hands of professionals. In the judicial system, the ultimate power is with the judge who resolves a dispute by deciding who is right and who is wrong under the law. In the pre-trial negotiation of legal conflicts, the manner that most legal disputes are resolved, it is the lawyers who usually have primary responsibility for shaping the outcome, subject to their clients’ final approval. Mediation is thought to be different. However, many approaches to mediation often place great power, explicitly or implicitly, in the hands of the mediator who shuttles back and forth between the disputing parties in the effort to assess the situation and broker a deal. We view the challenge facing people in conflict is how they can together assume the responsibility for dealing with their conflict. Taking on that challenge is important for individuals and organizations in conflict in part because the results reached are much more satisfying and the path taken much more rewarding.

Why chose mediation? When you are in conflict with a partner, spouse, child, and parent though you may not feel it in the moment, because of the ongoing family relationships mediation permits a commitment to the well being of the larger family system while meeting the individual interests of each family member.

Mediators provide a voice that can be heard by all family members. All too often family members when in conflict will devalue or even demonize a statement made by the family member they are disputing with.

Divorce litigation costs $20,000.00 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mediation costs – $3,500.00 to $20,000.00.

Mediation not only saves costs it saves lives.

Steve Shapiro, Esq.

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