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What Are Some Of The Effects That You See Attorneys May Experience Who Work With Family Law Clients Who Have Experienced Trauma?

All family law attorneys have spent their careers dealing with difficult issues such as this. It is a difficult area of law to navigate, and family lawyers have a bad reputation out in society. In reality though, all of those attorneys are all human and have also experienced the same situations as their clients. Often attorneys can get triggered from their clients’ circumstances. Because of this, it is advisable that family law attorneys go through training for dealing with clients experiencing trauma. This will allow the attorneys to be present when working with clients whose situations might otherwise trigger them emotionally.

At Resolution Matters, we use the practice of mindfulness, where we can sit with the client and be present while attending to the client’s circumstances without being retraumatized ourselves. If we are reminded of our own trauma or a person who caused the trauma, we might transfer our own feelings onto the client or another party involved in the case. Mindfulness can help protect us and the clients from that happening.

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