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Elder Care Mediation

Elder Care Mediation

Resolution Matters: A Thoughtful Approach To Elder Care Mediation

Planning the future of senior loved ones is incredibly important, and involves many factors to consider. These things can be overwhelming with the number of options and components to focus on. Having a professional approach and perspective can be an important asset to your planning protocol, and this often comes in the form of elder care mediation. An elder care mediation lawyer can play a major role in working with seniors and their adult children to resolve conflicts regarding their future care and wellbeing.

At Resolution Matters, our team of qualified professionals is eager to help our clients approach their elder care mediation cases with the utmost care and consideration. Attorney Steve Shapiro has been working as an elder care attorney mediating cases for over 30 years, giving him a thoughtfully meticulous technique in this distinct area of law.

What Kinds Of Elder Care Mediation Conflicts Does Your Firm Resolve?

Our firm handles many different areas of elder care mediation. This includes but is not limited to disputes regarding:

  • Elder Caregiving
  • Living Arrangements
  • Financial Planning
  • Medical Decisions
  • Communication
  • Driving
  • Guardianship
  • Issues of Independence
  • Short vs. Long Term Care Concerns
  • Issues of Grief and Loss

Having a team of experienced elder care mediation law attorneys to walk you and your loved ones through processes like this can be an invaluable resource, and bring to light the best available options for the senior individual involved. Having this legal knowledge and extensive experience negotiating with family members has allowed attorney Steve Shapiro to cultivate the best strategies possible for his clients and their loved ones.

What Resolutions Can We Come To With The Help Of Elder Care Mediation?

With the compassionate mediation of a senior care law attorney, many family members are able to reach a resolution regarding the future of their senior loved one. These agreements can often include elements of:

  • Mental and physical effects of aging, and how the family will respond to difficult circumstances such as intensive care, hospice, and other similar circumstances.
  • Legal Planning, and how to appoint an individual within the family to take the lead on arranging certain legal documents such as Guardianship Petitions, Powers of Attorney, and Durable Powers of Attorney (this is all dependent on the capacity of the elder).
  • The determination of each of the family members’ roles and responsibilities in the caregiving and financial arrangements for the elder.
  • Ethical Considerations.
  • Asset Concerns.
  • Short and long-term financial management and responsibility.

All of these matters are incredibly important factors in the future well-being of your senior loved one. Carefully considering elder care with the help of a professional who has knowledge and experience in this field is the best way to ensure that you can find adequate legal security for those you care about.

Why Resolution Matters Is Among The Top Elder Care Attorneys In Rockville, MD

Our firm has been successfully representing elder care mediation cases for over 30 years, and this experience has allowed us to develop a proven method of approach for each client we counsel. This top-tier legal knowledge has allowed us to facilitate meaningful connections with all of our clients, resulting in individualized relationships that help with delivering favorable legal outcomes. We take pride in knowing that we are putting all of the time and effort necessary to resolve mediation cases in a beneficial way for all parties involved. Understanding the careful attention to detail needed for elder care mediation plays a crucial part in how we represent each client.

If you are in need of elder care mediation for the welfare of your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact our office today for an initial consultation.

Steve Shapiro, Esq.

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