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Firm Overview

Steve Shapiro and the team at Resolution Matters are committed to resolving your dispute through the most appropriate means at the lowest cost. Our work together provides an opportunity to leave the family in a better state than before. We face difficult issues together that are the source of the family dispute – in doing so we develop strategies for future success and everyone moving forward in their lives. This is accomplished by producing financial structures that necessitate agreement and good will among the parties.

Our work includes divorce, annulment and legal separation. We develop parenting plans, co-parenting agreements, child custody and access schedules, child support and paternity resolution. We provide settlement solutions for alimony, spousal support, asset division and distribution, business and property valuation, divorce related tax and financial issues, pre-nuptial and marital separation agreements, and post – divorce matters.

Steve Shapiro has been working as an attorney – mediator – arbitrator with over 30 years’ experience dedicated to dispute resolution and interpersonal, family, organizational conflict. Steve has facilitated, mediated and worked towards settlement on hundreds of family law cases. He has trained attorneys in negotiation and conflict resolution in the public and private sectors. He served as a federal mediator and has had the honor of being appointed as a mediator for cases involving the States of California, New York, Maryland and the Navajo Nation. He has worked with most all Courts in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Mr. Shapiro serves as a mediator/arbitrator on behalf of the September 11, 2001, Victim Compensation Fund.

Steve received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Adelphi University in the study of organizational dynamics. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Antioch University School of Law – with advanced clinical studies in Family Law. In addition, he has taken LLM level courses at George Washington University Law School in contract law, he has been trained in advanced mediation and negotiation through Harvard Law School’s Program On Negotiation, and received hundreds of hours in training on all aspects of conflict management.

Mr. Shapiro is admitted to practice before the Courts of Maryland, the District of Columbia and the US Supreme Court. He is a member of the Maryland Council on Dispute Resolution, the Maryland Conflict Resolution Office – Program on Mediator Excellence, the Maryland State Bar Association, the US Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and the American Arbitration Association.


We build a structure of trust, effective communication and understanding to devise solutions that are sustaining and durable.


Steve Shapiro, Esq.

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