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What Is Your Experience In Guiding Clients Through Complex And Traumatic Family Law Cases?

My experience is that clients who come to me are not usually living life under what we would consider normal circumstances, but they are certainly not alone in what they are going through. Often my clients who are facing some break up in the family system have suffered through some form of a traumatic event in their life, either sexual abuse, rape, verbal abuse or some other significant breach in the personal and family system’s safety net. This often leaves them unable to continue in an intimate and empowering relationship with their partners. Experience teaches that often we find the abuser came from a family of abuse; a father or mother who was an alcoholic or had substance abuse issues. Conversely, a victim can come from a family of abusers and they are unconsciously perpetuating unhealthy behaviors adopted from their family of origin.

Every situation that a client comes to the table with a clear understanding of how these prior events in their lives impact their current conflict is extremely helpful to the process. When a client is aware that they simply do not see the causal relationship between an earlier trauma and their current situation that is also hope that they will be gain the necessary resources and capacity to move with agility through the family breakup. Of course, not possessing either quality, does not disqualify a client from having a smoother transition through the legal process, it does mean that there may be some resistance and reactivity, that might not otherwise occur. This situation is perfectly fine too.

My work with clients is informed by the Japanese art of Kintsugi or repairing broken vessels. The Japanese artist is capable of sealing together broken chards from a vase with gold inlay, causing a more beautiful entity to form than before. In my experience the marriage of the law and trauma are intertwined. The Bar Associations owe a responsibility to finding ways to truly resolve conflict while implementing law and order. My family law practice forms such a union where each individual client feels that they are more whole and ready for a new start. In an ideal world your family members would offer you best wishes and blessings for this new start on life. Most important for me is that each client knows that they have moved through an important stage in their lives, and they appreciate where they have come from, trust that the best process was used to settle their issues, and we worked to come up with the best possible solutions for the situation.

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Steve Shapiro, Esq.

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