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How Does Unidentified Trauma Affect A Family Law Case?

When working with a client, it’s very challenging when trauma can’t be identified. One of my roles is that I bring my sense of awareness to every client. I’m aware that anyone walking in the door, who I’m serving as their attorney or mediator, has experienced some form of trauma. With or without their cooperation or awareness, I’m going to work with them.

However, if the effect of trauma is so deep and horrific in their ability to function in a mutual relational way, even with their attorney, I’m not going to put myself through that…nor should any attorney put themselves in an abusive relationship. If it’s not detected, the attorney or mediator may be the recipient of that transference of anger and hostility because it’s how that particular client is wired.

Not every case is the right one and, in those cases, I could easily refer clients to someone else. It happens too often sometimes, but preferably I would want to identify and work with the client to figure out what might be causing their outburst.

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Steve Shapiro, Esq.

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