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Steve Shapiro and Resolution Matters provide mediation, facilitation and organizational development services. Steve has mediated hundreds of employment disputes while working through the US Postal Service Re-dress program and the Federal Government Shared Neutral program.

Steve Shapiro provides mediation and arbitration services for parties involved in an employment dispute. Steve and his team at Resolution Matters resolves all types of conflicts that arise between all levels of companies, executives, management and employees, males and females. Conflicts can range from employee conflicts to sexual harassment concerns to department squabbles to board director disagreements. We also work with various cultural disputes that emerge within a diverse workforce.

Different positions and various types of individuals and personalities bring different types of conflicts. Diverse companies bring people together that think differently, react unexpectedly. They experience diverse cultures, goals, and expectations. Diverse workforce’s also need balancing factors and various levels of support and education which we administer through our specialized EAP mediation programs.

Our team is neutral, highly trained, experienced problem solvers. An unbiased professional perspective will resolve existing conflicts and prevent new ones from arising between groups and individuals. We clearly identify the issues and the underlying sources of conflicts. Often time that is just the tip of the iceberg. We then evaluate and discuss them with the Human Resources team and will resolve your HR conflicts quickly and cost-effectively.

Steve proceeds to mediate systematically and to resolve the conflict in a structured fashion. We promptly address the issues at hand and then report back to you in writing or in person on a case-by-case weekly basis.

Steve also provides mediation in University and Hospital settings. Steve served as a mediator selected by the State of Maryland to facilitate and mediate 18 medical organizations, hospitals, universities, community health centers in forming a West Baltimore Health Collaborative. The purpose of this effort was to serve the indigent population of West Baltimore to be served by primary care practitioners and not emergency rooms.

Steve was also chosen by the State of Maryland to mediate a dispute among the Hispanic business community where multiple economic alliances have formed over the years throughout the state that were competing and sometimes hostile with one another.

Mr. Shapiro on a case by case basis may provide mediator or arbitrator services in the energy and environmental strata where he has provided these services on multiple complex matters.

Steve Shapiro, Esq.

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