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Elder Law

As our family members age, we hope to see them move gracefully through their golden years. Often, when important or difficult decisions need to be made, family dynamics can get in the way of that.

Attorney Steve Shapiro approaches elder law from the perspective of an experienced mediator and negotiator. When difficult decisions need to be made, Attorney Shapiro helps families assess what is most important in reaching a positive outcome.

Are you in need of an experienced elder care law attorney? One who will listen to your concerns and support you in establishing a strategic plan that works for you and your loved ones? Schedule a consultation with Resolution Matters today.

Elder Law Services – Rockville, Maryland

With an experienced elder care law attorney leading the team, Resolution Matters helps families with all areas of Elder Law.

Advanced Health Care Directive – This important document allows you the opportunity to document your wishes, ensuring you always have a say in your own affairs. Paired with a power of attorney, an advanced directive allows you to preemptively make important decisions regarding your long-term and end-of-life care.

Conservatorship & Guardianship – It can be frustrating when you need regular assistance carrying out day-to-day tasks. A conservator or guardian can relieve this stress by being legally appointed to make decisions on your behalf, even when you’re still competent to do so.

Coordinating Elder Care – Arranging for elder care is a complex process. A skilled senior law attorney can assist you with coordinating elder care, from locating long-term care solutions to identifying financial resources to pay for it.

Elder Abuse – It is an emotional time when you suspect abuse has been inflicted on an elderly loved one. An experienced elder law attorney can assist in protecting your family by documenting signs of abuse, interviewing the elder or pertinent witness(es), and representing the abused at trial or negotiating a settlement.

Elder Care Mediation – It is a difficult time when a family disagrees on what the best solutions are for short- and long-term care of an elderly loved one. An experienced mediator will assist your family with assessing priorities to reach an agreement everyone can accept.

Finance Management – Managing your finances as you age can be complicated. An elder law attorney will explain options available to protect your wealth and make your money work for you through the later years in life.

Power of Attorney – This planning tool gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be honored, even when you’re unavailable. A power of attorney appoints a trusted person to make medical, financial, or general decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated.

Elder Law Dispute Resolution

When planning for your later years, difficult decisions must be made. When family members are involved in the decision-making process, things can turn emotional and complicated. Working with an elder law attorney and experienced mediator can help to relieve tensions in these difficult times.

An experienced elder law attorney will assess your situation to prepare you and your family for possible areas of contention. By addressing these matters early, you may avoid any major disputes. However, if disputes do arise, elder care mediation may be an option.

By working with an experienced attorney and mediator, you will be informed of pertinent elder law options, as well as the implications of making these decisions. From here, you can work collaboratively to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all involved parties.

Best Elder Law Attorney, Rockville, Maryland

Attorney Shapiro brings over 30 years of experience to the Resolution Matters firm. His extensive experience with mediation and arbitration helps his clients reach peaceful resolutions in their unique cases.

Contact Resolution Matters today for further details of how their dedicated team can work to resolve your elder law matters.

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